Branding for Growing Organizations.

You’ve emerged from the early days where everything felt like it was held together by duct tape. Now, as you set your eyes on the horizon of the next phase in your company’s growth, you’re thinking about how your branding and marketing can best support your future goals.

What Got You To Here Won’t Get You To There.

If you’re considering adding new products or services, going through a merger, chasing a new audience, or pivoting your entire company — chances are your old brand no longer fully reflects who you are and what you’re trying to do.

Perhaps a full rebrand is needed. Or, perhaps all that’s needed is a simple tweak in messaging and positioning. Regardless of the best path forward, taking the opportunity to take stock of who you are, what you do, who you’re going after, and what they need will set you up for years to come with a refined brand that rings true to your mission, that aligns with your offering, and that resonates with your audience.

Common Activities and Services

Brand Audit

It’s impossible to know what the new brand or messaging direction should be without evaluating what’s already there. Brand audits evaluate the messaging, design, copywriting, and tactics of your brand, resulting in an informed recommendation of the best path forward.

Competitive Review

As your company changes, either your direct competition or the alternative options your customers have will change. Reviewing the competition’s marketing and offerings will surface potential areas where we can differentiate you within a crowded space.

Audience Research

Your audience and customers will shift as your company does. A deeper dive into your current or future audiences’ needs and desires will go a long way to further clarifying the opportunities to stand out, while remaining true to your core.

Revised Messaging

It all comes down to differentiation. Clarifying a new way to position your company is perhaps the single most highly-leveraged thing you can do to break away from where you were before, while speaking more compellingly to your audience of the future.

Revised Strategy

Strategy is simply all of the workshops, research, and recommendations that go into defining what your brand should feel like and say. Adjusting your brand strategy to reflect your new reality will set your company up for years of success and growth.

Revised Identity

Logos, words, graphics, motion, and audio all have roles to play in creating a compelling brand. Whether a full rebrand is needed, or simply a visual or copy tweak to what’s there now, the revised brand identity will more compelling reflect where you’re heading.

Revised Design System

There’s a famous quote in design circles that a logo is simply the exclamation point at the end of the sentence that is your brand. A successful brand identity ties together big-picture concepts with a full design system.

Website Refresh

A revised website is the most common “big piece” of the rebranding puzzle. Your website is the end result of all the changes you’re making as a company — and the single source of truth for your customers to learn about the new you.

Revised Toolkit

The days of an agency being in charge of all creative expressions for a client are over — and rightly so. Brand Toolkits consist of assets and files that your teams can take and use, setting you up for success from day one.

Other Branding Services from Stack

Branding is a big field, and no project, client, business or brand has the exact same needs. We focus our branding efforts on three primary areas: Start-Ups, Growing Organizations, and Initiatives.

Branding for Startups

It’s not enough to have a good product. Laying a foundational brand identity gives your early-stage company a right leg up to differentiate yourself from day one.

Learn More

Branding for Initiatives

Events and initiatives require an approach to branding that borrows from the best of branding, advertising, and digital, with consideration given to the broader company context.

Learn More

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