Mother Raw

Art Direction + Copywriting + Design + Website Design

Reunion Foods came to Stack Creative to help take their beloved Michelle’s Rawfoodz brand of organic dressings, sauces and dips, and introduce it to the world anew as Mother Raw.

Another agency (Zulu Alpha Kilo) had already created the brand positioning, name, logo and packaging, and it fell on our shoulders to take this brand foundation and expand upon it, establish and codify the brand guidelines, and create a wide variety of key creative outputs for launch.

Stack’s mandate included:

• The full brand extension into all channels

• Creation and stewardship of the brand guidelines, tone of voice and copy direction, art direction and design

• Website design and content creation, in partnership with the Shopify agency Alt & Dot

• Original product and recipe photography

• Launch campaign social media creative plus the creation of a social “toolkit” for the marketing team to continue to use over time

• And the many other creative intangibles that go into a successful rebrand and launch.

With Mother Raw now announced to the public, there’s much more left to follow in the Stack Creative & Mother Raw story. Learn more at

Stack: Mark Ovsey, Sabrina Christo, Erin McPhee, Erika Bryson, Andrew Ennals, Kevin Syer
UX: Joe Szabo
Brand Positioning/Name/Logo/Packaging: Zulu Alpha Kilo
Development: Alt & Dot
Photography: Jeff Wasserman/Sting Productions

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