Star Renegades

Website Design + Development

Massive Damage Inc are a prominent Toronto gaming studio, and we worked with them to create the website for their upcoming game — Star Renegades.

The ask was simple: create a compelling single-page website that tells the story of the game, gives an overview of features, and includes room for trailers, screenshots, and a call for email subscriptions. But it’s in the details where the project came to life.

The bright, colourful pixel-art style for the game gave us a wonderful visual canvas to work with. Subtle scrolling animations, the use of looping animated GIFs, and a colour palette that complemented the stunning artwork from the game gave the site a unique character all its own — all in time for a huge promotional push for the game leading up to launch.

This project was completed in collaboration with Jon Waller on development.

Desktop View

Scrolling Animations

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