Wattpad Next


One of the projects we’ve worked on with Wattpad was for Wattpad Next, a beta program that enables readers to support the writers who create the stories they love—and for writers to monetize their work.

Our ask was simple: to create the logo, define the art direction vision and colour palette, and create the website and various assets for Wattpad Next.

The logo and identity was intended to fall within the overall Wattpad look-and-feel, while standing out in its own way. To speak to the future-forward nature of Next, we created a logotype that took the core Wattpad font and added a notch to the “X”, conveying notions of progress, direction, and tech. Similarly, we employed a gradient that blended two core Wattpad colours together, to speak to notions of change and development.


Gradient + Imagery

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